Top 5 Neighborhoods to Rent in Toronto

Over the years, Toronto remains to be among the most famous cities in Ontario, Canada. It has so much to offer, not just because of its diverse location, but also because of different reasons. If you are looking to relocate anytime soon in this beautiful city, check out this list of the top 5 neighborhoods to rent in Toronto.

  1. Cabbagetown

Strategically located in Central Toronto, Cabbagetown boasts of picturesque Victorian housing that they proudly claim to have been preserved since the 1840s. It’s an ideal neighborhood for almost all kinds of residents – young professionals, couples, students, and families alike. Although the average rent can be a bit higher than the usual, you can still always find something that will fit your budget since the area offers social housing, as well.

Cabbagetown is known for its hip restaurants, trendy cafes, and art festivals. There are also different activities that you can enjoy in this neighborhood. You’ll surely get addicted to the city’s local craft beer that you would normally find in bars and pubs around the area. For family-oriented people, there’s the Riverdale Farm that you can check anytime with your kids. The farm offers a daily demonstration of their livestock – and entrance is absolutely free.

  1. Liberty Village

If you’re on the hunt for a residential village that’s just a few minutes away from the downtown, check out Liberty Village. This neighborhood has apartments and condos that are perfect for those who like to keep away from the hustle and bustle – but not too far away in reality. If you scored a job offer from one of the establishments or companies downtown, this area is one of your best bets when it comes to renting an apartment in Toronto.

Aside from the residential spaces, it’s also scattered with numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes. Rental fees are also considerably more affordable if you are to compare it to other residential areas in Toronto.

  1. Leslieville

Hipster by heart and by your field of work? If so, Leslieville is where you should be renting. Dubbed as the most hipster neighborhood right now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Leslieville lies conveniently between the beaches and the downtown area which gives you exactly the best of both worlds.

It’s a home away from home for those hipsters and creative professionals that seek to nurture their inner alter ego. You’ll also find several landmarks in this area, including the Jimmie Simpson Park and the Opera House in Riverside.

  1. Baldwin Village

Nestled in the western part of downtown Ontario, Baldwin Village is both a residential and commercial area. Though small, it’s still a perfect home for seniors, middle-class families, couples and students. It offers several cafes and restaurants, most of those have been converted from old-style residential houses to commercial establishments.

The houses here are usually detached, and you can also find apartment buildings that are being leased for lower rents. Restaurants and cafes offer a variety of cuisines, although you’ll find more of them serving Chinese food since a fair section of the neighborhood is being taken by Chinese locals and immigrants.

  1. Yorkville

If you have the money to spend on a good rental space or apartment, Yorkville is definitely what you are looking for. This community is famous for its bohemian ambiance but be warned, though – the rate here is noticeably higher than the usual communities in Toronto.  

Yuppies with high-paying jobs prefer to live in this neighborhood because of its luxurious feel. Aside from its upscale stores and restaurants, this is also where you’ll find the very first 5-star hotel in Canada. Yorkville is also known to be a high-end shopping district featuring Gucci, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Prada, and many other luxury brands.

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