It’s not often that you likely need to tow your car behind an RV or large trailer, but if you’re doing some travelling and need to bring a small car with you so that you aren’t driving an RV around all the time then you might have done some researching into using a car dolly. Some people don’t like use a dolly while others swear by how easy they are to transport a car. If you are unsure about using one, or wondering if it’s the right choice for you, here are some of the pros and cons to using a car dolly for transporting your car.

What is a tow dolly?

This piece of equipment is usually connected to a much larger vehicle – like an RV or a tow truck – to move a car when it either can’t be driven or you don’t have the extra driver. They are also used when the vehicle you want to move cannot be towed 4 wheels down without serious modifications. Many cars, even automatic transmission ones, can be towed with 4 wheels on the ground as long as you provide lubrication to the transmission from another source. You can check with your mechanic for information this, if it interests you.


Pros of using the dolly

For cars that can’t be towed 4 wheels down

If you have a relatively new car that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty then towing it 4 wheels down may not be an option if you don’t want to void the warranty on it. It is also a great alternative if you have a car that you don’t want to modify or add extra lubrication to make 4 wheels down work.

Wear on suspension

With this type of towing, there is relatively little wear to the front of the vehicle and usually only the back tires will be affected since they will be touching pavement as you tow it. The wear and tear on a vehicle is usually less than when all 4 tires are on the ground and it’s being towed.


Cons to using a tow dolly

Physical strength

If you have limitations on your physical abilities then you may find it tough to get the car into place properly on the dolly. It does take a certain amount of physical strength to make sure everything is secured in place properly, and you may need more than one person to do so.

Time consuming set up

If you are comparing this type of towing to 4 wheels down, then you will likely find that the set up for a tow dolly is much more time consuming for you to complete.

Load securement

You will have to make sure the straps on the dolly are properly tightened before you start driving and while you’re on the road. There is a lot more to load securement when it comes to using a dolly as opposed to other forms of towing. It isn’t to say that it is unsafe to use this type of towing, but you just need to make sure you completely secure the car so it doesn’t get damaged while travelling.

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