How To Make The Best Out Of Your Oakdale Gold And Country Club Membership

The city of Toronto in Canada has so much to offer, from neighborhoods to tourist destinations. If you ever decide to live in this part of the country, rest assured that you there will be plenty to choose from when it comes to things to do and places to visit. If you’re wondering what else to do during the weekend with your family aside from going to the mall, you can also consider getting a membership at the Oakdale Golf and Country Club.

What it has to offer

Founded in the year 1926, Oakdale Golf and Country Club is a private club that’s exclusive for its members only. It boasts of an elegant clubhouse designed by Stanley Thompson, a Canadian architect whose specialty was golf courses. This 27-hole golf course features a picturesque covered terrace wherein you can view the 9th and 10th holes.

 The facilities, both indoor and outdoor, are best suited for whatever occasion you may be celebrating. The golf course is not just a golf course, but more so, a function center that can be an ideal venue for your event. The whole place promises an intimate yet professional ambiance, one that’s perfect for guests who want to take some time off or get away for the weekend.


What to wear

 Before getting accustomed to what Oakdale Golf and Country Club has to offer, you first need to know your way around it, particularly their golf facilities. You should be aware of the dress code that they strictly observe in all areas, including the courtyard, chipping green, practice green, practice area, and the course itself. Golf shoes should have soft spikes, although they also allow running shoes provided that they are clean.

 If you plan on wearing a visor or hat, make sure not to wear it backward. Entrance may be denied to those who are wearing inappropriate garments such as tank tops, workout clothing, and sweatsuits. Men/s golf shirts should have a collar or at least with striking design as that of a golf shirt. Don’t forget to tuck it into your trousers.

 Women, on the other hand, should only wear skorts, skirts or shorts that are below mid-thigh. Capri pants are okay as long as it’s well-tailored. Take note that you cannot wear halter, tube, tank, and crop tops.


More to do

Aside from golf, the country club also has other facilities, such as the tennis court and a swimming pool. The Oakdale Tennis has six outdoor courts that are being maintained by their professional staff. Members may also enjoy a variety of activities during May through September, such as Box Ladder, Round Robins, and Tournament Play. They offer tennis and swimming lessons as well.

Oakdale Golf and Country Club can also host special events such as weddings and birthday parties. If you feel like celebrating while staying fit, this place is an ideal option. Guests can enjoy different services such as massage, car detailing, hairstyling services and fitness facilities.

 You can find Oakdale Golf and Country Club at 2388 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s easily accessible, and they also have enough parking space for all the guests.

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