Long Distance Towing

With our experience in towing, we have invested greatly into being able to provide a wide range of towing services. Our towing services are diverse to include; flatbed towing, regular towing, low duty to heavy duty towing and long distance towing. We have invested in a fleet of flatbed tow trucks that enable us to offer long distance towing Toronto.

Do you want to use the services to transport your exotic car for instance from Toronto to another area? We are glad to offer our help at very affordable rates. We can handle a wide variety of vehicles for long distance towing including; cars, SUVs, Forklifts and other equipment, motorcycles, exotic cars, low riders and show cars,

Towing Services

When you choose our services you can be sure that your car will arrive at the required destination safely and on time. Safety and excellence is our concern when offering services. Over the years many people have seen us as towing company able to provide reliable and high quality Toronto towing services.

We have invested in a variety of flatbed trucks that can help us to handle different situations. We therefore always deliver when we are called for long distance towing Toronto.

We are an insured and licensed company and therefore you will never have to worry about your car when it is in transit. Whether it is an expensive exotic car, a show car or even a new supercar we will get it to the final destination without a single scratch on it.

Our flatbed tow trucks are ideal at transporting your car even when it is not drivable. They can hoist the car up the flatbed. While on the flatbed the car is then secured on all sides to ensure it doesn’t wobble during transportation. Our drivers are also very careful and will drive even extra careful when carrying your precious vehicle.

With our flatbed long distance towing, we give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your car is fine and will not sustain any damage while on tow. When you need long distance towing and long distance transportation in Toronto you should give us a call.

We are available 24/7 to handle your project. We are affordable and do not subject our customers to any hidden fees or charges. We will deliver your vehicle safely to the final destination and on time.

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