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There’s no doubt that North York Ontario is a fascinating place for anyone who wants to have a good time. You can find dozens of events in the city, as well as different specialty shops and recreation centers. But do you know what else makes North York special? The famous people who hailed from that wonderful city!


Mike Myers

Who can forget funny guy Mike Myers? Known popularly as the ‘shagadelic’ spy as Austin Powers, Mike Myers truly made thousands of people laugh. He’s also heavy into comedy and occasional charity drives. While he’s not currently active in the movie scene, you can definitely watch his past movies over and over again and never lose interest. Such is the groovy touch of Mike Myers!

Keanu Reeves

Watch out – the Baba Yaga might come after you! Before he’s known as Neo or the fast-moving shadow of death John Wick, Keanu spent a great deal of time in North York, Ontario. Here, he tried to have a low-key life – all the while building the foundations of his career. Despite his success, Keanu Reeves is humble and empathetic. This goes to show that people from North York truly has a humble, angelic charm!

Shawn Mendes

The pop culture heartthrob wasn’t a big shot from the get-go. He began humbly in Ontario, polishing his skills and eventually got numerous opportunities to shine. Now, Shawn has reached a great peak of his career – a clear emphasis of the ambitious standard of people from North York, Ontario. No matter where he goes, North Yorkers will always be proud of Shawn Mendes.

Margaret Atwood

As one of the strong pillars of literature, Margaret Atwood has truly forged her name and reputation. She now has dozens of books under her name and a very valuable creative writing masterclass. Before she was popular, she lived in Toronto and frequented North York, The Annex, and other nearby boroughs. If you’re an aspiring writer vacationing in North York, just remember that Atwood loved the city. Somehow, this can make you feel proud.

Frank Gehry

As one of the world’s most brilliant architects, Frank Gehry has contributed to the progress of modernism. With his different ideas and architectural creations, one can say that Gehry is a pioneer of a new, better age. Who would’ve thought that this exceptional individual has humble Toronto roots? Well, some things can really surprise anyone – just like the time when Gehry introduced his designs to the public. Many people appreciated his strange architectural projects, but he also received the ire of critics as well. Nevertheless, making real world-changing designs is better than giving harsh critiques. And maybe in a decade or so, a new phenomenal architect will emerge from the serene city of North York, ready to follow Frank Gehry’s steps!


Are you now more excited to visit North York Ontario upon knowing about these famous people? There might even be a fair chance to see these people anywhere in North York! And when you do, always remember to cherish the moment and take some photographs!

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