Best Late Night Cafes in Toronto

Are you a night owl who loves to stay up in cafes? Well, one of the surest ways to keep your senses sharp during your late night sprees in Toronto is to spend some cozy time in their best cafes in town. Unsurprisingly, they have a lot to offer not just great coffee but beer, booze and a whole lot of entertaining activities to do. If you need a good place to work remotely, Toronto has a lot in store for you. So head out to one or check out all of these famous cafes during your stay in Toronto, Canada.

Snakes and Lattes (College Street)

First on the list is the popular game board café – the Snakes and Lattes Café. The café location is at 489 College Street, Little Italy. This café boasts 1,500 types of game boards for you and your companions to play with. The baristas will explain the mechanics of the game you have chosen; sometimes they even act as a third or fourth player. For a fee of $5 per person, you can play the board game all you want. You can order a variety of drinks – from tea to coffee – to boost your memory and concentration. In addition, enjoy their mouthwatering delicacies that will surely satisfy your late night cravings. They have a huge place that can accommodate up to 240 guests.

Tango Palace Coffee Company

The Tango Palace Coffee Company evokes nostalgic feelings that could bring you back to your happy childhood memories. This café is located at 1156 Queen Street, Leslieville. Their Art Noveau interior design makes it feel homey and cozy for an afternoon treat. In this café, they will present you a lot of options to go along with your coffee. They offer you different varieties of cookies, biscotti, desserts and so much more in between. They have gluten-free treats and lactose-free lattes. The café can house up to 20 guests on regular days and open up the back patio during summertime. They have remained a powerhouse café in Leslieville for 17 years and counting.

Boxcar Social (Temperance Street)

This place is the reflection of the collaborative efforts of several founders namely John Baker, Joe Papik, Alex Castellani, and Chris Ioannou. This particular branch is located at the base of a condo located at 70 Temperance Street, Financial District. This café boasts personalized interiors that have been handcrafted by the owners themselves. Aside from delicious coffee, they also serve cocktails, wines, whiskeys and even hot chocolate. Boxcar Café can accommodate up to 70 patrons at a time.

These are just three of the many late night coffee shops in Toronto. Most cafes in the city are up and running until 1 o’clock in the morning. Some cafes offer access to wifi and other cafes advocate personal interaction such as the game board café. So whenever you’re up for a coffee, wine or booze; you can go café hopping when you want to. Toronto is a great place to stay up late and enjoy the buzzing city nights in café infused with a bar to top it all.

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